The APLH Releases its 2nd Mediabook, : : L’Hippodrome Du Parc : :

More than 2 years in the making, :: L’Hippodrome Du Parc – Un Siecle Dans L’Histoire du Liban :: is finally here. The APLH documents the history of the Beirut Hippodrome and its place in Lebanese history, and delves into the deep past, where horse racing and horse breeding were already cultural staples  of Lebanese life, as shown by the ancient Roman hippodromes that still exist in Lebanon.

:: L’Hippodrome Du Parc – Un Siecle Dans L’Histoire du Liban :: is the first and only exhaustive reference about the Last natural green area in Beirut and the meeting place of Lebanese citizens of all social and confessional denominations.


This media book comes in a deluxe hand-numbered box-set released in 500 copies and contains a 40-minute HD DVD about the Beirut Hippodrome and 3D glasses to view a selection of anaglyphic photographies.

:: L’Hippodrome Du Parc – Un Siecle Dans L’Histoire du Liban :: is available solely via the APLH To get your copy, contact


About APLH

The association for the protection of the Lebanese heritage, is an initiative launched by young Lebanese artists/intellectuals back in march 2010 on Facebook under the name ‘stop destroying your heritage!’. The group is still in existence and was opened for activism against the destruction of old Lebanese buildings by senseless Development. Founding members: Pascale Ingea Josef Haddad Jad Mhanna Official Status: The Association for the Protection of the Lebanese Heritage was registered on the 14th of july 2010 at the ministry of interior and has been officially announced in the official journal on the 28th of October 2010 (issue 50). The association’s permit number is 1764. Members: Members of the executive committee for the year 2011: Pascale Ingea- President Georges El Khoury- Vice President Mireille Haddad- Accounting Josef Haddad- Secretary Janine Ingea- Treasurer Jad Mhanna- Legal Advisor and Board Member
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