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  1. Chadia Samaha says:

    I am interested in helping in the protection of the lebanese heritage by being a member in the association or any other possibility, would appreciate your advice on how to proceed.

    Thank you

  2. Martin Armstrong says:


    My name is Martin Armstrong. I am a feature writer at The Daily Star here in Lebanon and have read on your website about the 8000 year old olive trees in Bchealeh, northern Lebanon. I was hoping to speak to someone from the organization about these trees and plans to develop the site and community as a heritage – tourism location with the view to raising the profile of the trees in a feature article for publication in the paper and on The Daily Star website.

    My phone number is 76033797

    I look forward to hearing from you.



    • APLH says:

      hello martin, thanks for writing in. i’ve forwarded your request to george billing, the founder of the sisters olive trees NGO. cheers!

  3. Becky Fetherstone says:

    My name is Becky Fetherstone and I am currently conducting research for the University of Cambridge regarding heritage preservation in Lebanon. As part of my research I am required to conduct interviews in Arabic with interested parties. I would be extremely interested to conduct interviews with any members/founders of this group as part of my research.
    If any of you would be interested in participating please do let me know.
    You can contact me on 70221927 or
    Thank you for your time
    Becky Fetherstone

  4. Katharina Jautz says:


    I have a question concerning old, empty houses in Beirut that are subject to the old rent system: If I’m informed correctly, it is not possible to sell these houses if the rentee is still alive, even if s/he is not living in the house, taking care of the house or even living abroad… But can this ground be considered public space if the municipality would decide to open it, without selling or re-renting it? I’m having in mind small public gardens and the usage of the old buildings for exhibitions for example… it would of course need organization and protection of an NGO or volunteers, but just theoretically speaking: would this be possible by law?

    • APLH says:

      concerning old rental laws, if there are still people renting and living inside those houses, the law forbids the owner to evacuate them without a significant compensation. and still if the rentee refuses, nothing will make them budge. now in any case, the municipality doesnt have a say in a private property unless it decides to appropriate it. in beirut, given the square meter prices, this solution is nigh impossible. so this leaves the owner of the bldg with the option of either selling the house or restoring it and converting it into sthg profitable without having to demolish the house (boutique hotel, pub or similar). most lebanese prefer quick cash so the house ends up being sold most of the time and the fate awaiting it is 99% demolition. municipalities outside beirut can aquire old houses and restore them into public spaces (jounieh and zouk mikael municipalities are 2 quick examples)
      but in beirut, the prices are a major obstacle to the aquisition of a property and turning it public. here, we need massive donations from the diaspora, via NGO’s, in order to be able to aquire property and restore it. Ihope i correctly understood your question! if not pls feel free to write us on


    • APLH says:

      one more thing: the APLH and the organization of old rent building owners are heavily lobbying for the abolishing of the old rent law. this would bring fairer revenue to the bldg owners, allowing them to properly maintain their old buildings. this would evidently reduce the urge to sell the old house for demolition because it would be both an esthetically pleasing and revenue generating property

  5. Alexander Peck says:

    I’m doing some research on behalf of Factum Arte into the Sisters. I’m based in Beirut at the moment and would love to know more about them. Would it be possible to find out more about them or ideally to arrange a meeting? My e.mail is
    Thank you for your time.
    Kind regards,
    Alexander Peck

  6. Jihane Adeimi says:

    I am interested in being a member of your NGO.
    I do respect your involvement and appreciate all the important things you are doing for preserving what is left of our Lebanese cultural heritage.
    Is there any way to contact you ? Are you interested in having new members ?

    (Age, 24 / Was awarded my Master’s degree in cultural studies and tourism development from a British university in Oxford, United Kingdom)

    All the best,
    Jihane Adeimi

  7. Xaver says:

    Hi, my friend and me are travelling to Beirut on March 24 and will stay here for one week. Can you arrange for a city tour in the aspects of the beirut heritage?
    Thank you for your reply
    Xaver from Germany

  8. amin Nasr says:

    I am interested in being a member in your NGO.
    I do respect your involvement and appreciate all the important things you are doing for preserving what is left of our Lebanese cultural heritage.
    Is there any way to contact you ?
    am doing a research on classical beirut and need help thank you

  9. Daniel Eskenazi says:


    I am an art photographer and doing a project on ancient olive trees . I would very much like to include the wonderful trees of Bchealeh and was planning a trip in the new year. Is there any information you could give me regarding seeing and hopefully photographing them.

    Many thanks,


  10. Yasmine says:


    I am a filmmaker, currently working on a web-series aiming to conserve and shed light on our Lebanese Heritage. We would like to collaborate with you on some levels, if interested kindly contact me back on the email address provided.

    Thanks a lot !

  11. john smith says:

    where do we go when the new minister of culture is giving license to demolish old buildings?
    thank you

  12. Julie says:

    I’m a student in high school & we have a significant project on the Lebanese Heritage. We are looking for a useful NGO to help us take action such as saving an endangered cultural site. Is it possible to communicate soon? Thank you.

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