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Lettres Du Liban, is a collection of thoughts, and articles written with a unique blend of virulence, sarcasm, humor and nostalgia, with a pinch of philosophy here and there for those who can appreciate; and it’s all about Lebanon, its people and their silliness yet, the writer, Ibrahim Tayan, is Lebanese to the core and simply lets out his lashing critique out of heartburn induced by the inability of the Lebanese to learn from past mistakes. for those who read french, this is not to be missed. cheers.


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  1. Though I know I do not deserve all the praise you showered me with, I cannot but thank you dear Joe for your kind appreciation, and the privilege you granted me by mentioning my modest E-scratchpad on your beautiful blog.

    One more thing: For a glance, you almost made me regret not to have started my blog in English; but it’s never too late I guess…until it’s really too late 😉

    Thanks again.


    1. dear Ibrahim, i dont praise undeserving people 🙂 and your articles are a delicacy of balanced critique. keep up the good writing.
      and many thanks for your feedback on our blog; it’s my first ever experience maintaining a blog and the cause is worth it. i hope!
      cheers and take care!


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