The Sisters Olive Trees of Noah: The Last Sentinels of the North

A living organism that’s older than the Lebanese cedars? or better, the Pyramids? Before you start rolling eyes, hear us out… In the Northern village of Bchealeh, Lebanon, lies an olive grove (that’s been certified by the hundred curious scientists that’ve come from the world’s confines to analyse it) where huge olive trees stand, and who go back to up to 80 centuries, yes, to 6000 BC, according to advanced dating techniques that were used to shed a light on those absolute rarities (growing at 1300 meters, a unique feat, as you dont usually find olive trees at such altitude).

some of these trees predated the Phoenicians

An ambitious project aims to bring the public attention to this treasure by reorganizing the village of Bchealeh around their beloved olive grove: Artisanal goods, olive-derived products, and open air museum, and a library are among the many planned projects aiming to make of Bchealeh and its millenial trees, a touristic, cultural and historical sanctuary, for those of us who seek a glimpse and spread the word, of an ancient spirit who’s still among us since the dawn of humanity.

a wonder of nature: dating back up to 8000 years, legend says these giants survived The Flood

5 Replies to “The Sisters Olive Trees of Noah: The Last Sentinels of the North”

  1. Thank you so much for spending the time and effort in adding the story of our sisters and its beloved town Bechealeh that are of an ambitious journey of world recognition. Your post is spot that we couldn’t have done a better job describing it ourselves!
    Thanks a Million!

  2. Please can you confirm that this hamlet is also known as Bchaale near to Jbeil district? My wife and I would like to visit there and cannot find Bechealeh on the map.
    Thank you

  3. Great article and photos! I would love to visit Bchealeh and experience these ancients. God willing, they will still be there. Peace.

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