Phoenician slipways

The lebanese Ministry of Culture and the maritime ‘experts’ hired by Venus real estate and the Ministry of Culture argued the 4 meter wide slipways found on plot 1398 (the phoenician port) could never have fit a boat. Maybe they were thinking of the Titanic.

A basic online research produced the following Phoenician boat replica, with its 1/10 ratio of width versus length (meaning a 3 meter width would result in a 30 meter boat):

based on the following site, the average Phoenician ship is 20 meters in length.

this is supported by the following illustration (if you can use the men inside to give you an idea of the ship’s proportions):

Further, and based on the following picture of an actual Phoenician boat docked in Byblos, and using the Range Rover in the picture as a visual aid for proportion (such an SUV is 4.5 meter long), we can deduce that Phoenician boat never exceeded a 4 meter width and could very well have been hauled into a 4 meter slipway:

However, our debate is not at all whether the destroyed site on plot 1398 is or is not a port.

How can ‘experts’, ‘archeologists’ and ‘historians’ stand behind the building over such a unique and intriguing structure dating back millenia, is a mystery to me.


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