APLH legal procedures in the Phoenician port and Roman Hippodrome Cases

APLH is in the midst of legal procedures against people responsible for the demolition of the phoenician port and the tempering with the roman hippodrome. 

we already spent in excess of 3000$ in legal procedures between referred judges and shura council fees.
we paid that amount, thanks to your contributions.

we now need at least 1000$ to continue this battle.
your help is most appreciated!!! we count on every responsible lebanese to send the APLH any amount they can. every amount in excess of 100$ receives a APLH pin as a gift for your support.

we sincerely thank you for your trust and for believing in our efforts in this bitter war against barbarism, non-culture and absence of vision.

the APLH crew

[for foreign money transfers pls write to info@protect-lebaneseheritage.com so that we send you our APLH fundraiser IBAN]


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