APLH Handmade Leathercraft

The Association for the Protection of the Lebanese Heritage custom-makes leather items and uses proceeds from their sales to finance itself. 100% made in Lebanon 100% leather.

for your orders: info@protect-lebaneseheritage.com

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The APLH produces Utica: Lebanon’s first modern Mead

The Association for the Protection of the Lebanese Heritage has successfully produced its first limited batch of experimental Mead, which is wine fermented from honey, instead of the conventional grape-fermented wine.


Mead is the ancestor of wine and one of the oldest drinks, dubbed the nectar of the gods, its body is provided by honey, which is its main ingredient.

081120164404Made with first grade quality Orange flower honey supplied by L’atelier Du Miel, Utica is a light sweet mead fermented following a traditional recipe. The APLH looks forward to a fruitful collaboration with L’atelier Du Miel, in the production of Mead, a first-of-its-kind endeavor in Lebanon, where honey-fermented wine is unheard of.

utica LR labelThe APLH is set to produce limited quantity batches of Mead and Ale-Mead (beer fermented from honey).