The APLH launches H.E.A.L initiative

Picture by kind permission – Author: Marwan Daccache (@dukch1)

The Association for the Protection of the Lebanese Heritage has teamed up with Beirut-based FFA Private bank to power an online donation platform for the purpose of financing the rebuilding of inhabited Traditional buildings affected by the August 4 Beirut explosion.

H.E.A.L. is an acronym for Heritage Emergency Action Lebanon.

With funding becoming increasingly scarce and international organizations more interested in public-oriented monuments like schools, churches, roads and infrastructure, privately owned buildings are left alone to fend for themselves. A massive inflation that has devalued the Lebanese pound down to less than a fifth of its pre 2019 value, accentuates the tragedy. International organizations also rarely -if ever- help without asking for something in return, the chances of private building owners/dwellers receiving any help to repair their damaged homes are bleak.

The APLH therefore looks toward a new source for help: The Lebanese diaspora. Lebanese citizens abroad helping Lebanese locals rebuild their destroyed life, is the only idea that we believe makes sense. And through H.E.A.L, we aim to test that idea by enabling Lebanese people abroad to send funding directly to their fellow citizens in dire need to rebuild a dangerously hit and already fragile social fabric. Donated funds will help volunteer architect and engineer groups tirelessly operating on the ground, to speed up restoration and rehabilitation works of damaged traditional buildings (among others) and allow their inhabitants to return to them.

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