This section contains updates related to Lebanese heritage and environment. It forms a documentation about the state of Lebanon’s built and natural heritage on a day-to-day basis.

2/23/2019:: عاجل: عصابة مجلس الانماء والاعمار تغلق طرق مرج بسري والاهالي يعترضون! (link)

2019 :: Bisri dam land expropriation is under way: More on this link.

January 2019 :: (al jadeed) تشققات بجدران سد بقعاتا وتهديد للمنازل المحيطة

November 2018 :: فضيحة فيضانات الرملة البيضاء..(IML Lebanon)

2018 :: Roman city wall removed from beirut construction site: More on this link.

April 2018 :: Eden Rock hotel is illegally built on public beach: More on this link.

2017:: القضاء يحسم الجدل ضد المحافظ: وقف أعمال الإيدن روك فوراً، انتصار كبير للبنان (legal agenda)




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    1. what do you need help with exactly?
      We have a few houses in my village which we have restored.
      Do you need help with architects? stone-masons? re-claimed materials?

  1. hey all please inform me if there is a person or a family living in an old house in beirut who will be demolished soon am making a documentary on beirut’s heritage and i need ur help

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