Our Projects:

our ‘on field’ activism started with a press conference at the now defunct Ahwet el 2zez in gemmayze, on the 20th of september 2010 and the gemmayze march in september 25 2010.

2 weeks later we received our NGO permit 1764 from the lebanese

government granting us non-profit organization status. we’ve been busy with the administrative paperwork to set up the NGO between november and december 2010, then with the site and blog since january 2011.

with the blog online, we’re preparing cultural events for the near future, programming the site and posting pictures of potential projects of buildings to restore (all while managing not to get fired from our day jobs..).




7 Responses to Projects

  1. Bassil says:

    Could please inform me if you can help in rebuilding an old Lebanese house located in a small village located in maarab

  2. dima says:

    hey all please inform me if there is a person or a family living in an old house in beirut who will be demolished soon am making a documentary on beirut’s heritage and i need ur help

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