Our First Campaign

The Association for the Protection of the Lebanese Heritage [APLH] is launching the campaign “The Threat is Concrete/Hold On To Your Roots” with the support of L’HOTE LIBANAIS, Lebanon’s pioneering Bed & Breakfast network.

The Campaign aims to raise public awareness towards a law draft protecting traditional
edifices, but addresses the parliament in a bid to pressure it using public opinion, to vote
for the implementation of this law. This campaign signals the beginning of a close
collaboration between the APLH and L’HOTE LIBANAIS, aiming to preserve national heritage.

This partnership equally seeks to help safeguard and preserve the Lebanese identity’s cultural constituents, help the owners of traditional dwellings who intend to restore their buildings, encourage more people to attach themselves to their heritage, and also to support the APLH in its mission to widely spread the scope of its awareness activities.
Last but not least, to bring to the tourist, the unique experience of experiencing
true Lebanese hospitality, in its most authentic context.

Special thanks to the Pikasso network for donating the APLH a 10 scroller  advertising space for 1 full week, to l’Hote Libanais for their valuable partnership and to Mr Farid Chehab whose generous contribution covered the biggest chunk of  the campaign’s printing expenses. Thanks for believing and for walking the talk!