Dear Lebanese Expat: Beirut Needs You

The APLH, in collaboration with other civil society and youth organizations managed to get Beirut inducted into the ‘New 7 Wonders’ List, as well as flagging the entire city to the World Monuments Watch organization, as an Endangered

Archeological Site. Let us clarify one thing here: Beirut is no ‘new’ wonder. It’s a wondrous city with more than 5000 years of history. And it’s in danger. no more than

7 archeological sites in Beirut, survive out of 300. Hardly 200 traditional Lebanese houses survive out of more than 1600, in the APSAD’s post-war census. Clearly, Beirut is disfigured, in chaos and is far from being a ‘world wonder’. THAT is why

the APLH worked on inducting Beirut into the N7W and wrote to the World Monument Watch organization. Beirut (and Lebanon)’s heritage ‘protectors’ in the Lebanese Government, are powerless, complacent or complicit in Lebanon’s ongoing bulldozing

of its heritage and archeology. The Lebanese diaspora CAN do something about it. And here’s how: The APLH has set a crowdfunding and donation platform on its site, precisely for any Lebanese community, expats or locals, to fund, acquire and restore any endangered vestige of Lebanese Heritage, be it man-made or natural, to buy it through

this community’s donations and restore it into a protected Lebanese heritage that is publicly owned.

1-the community in question can be a village, town, or city, represented by a council of representatives, usually appointed by the municipality of said community

2-the council of representatives contacts the APLH and meets with the organization to present and talk about their restoration/rehabilitation/heritage protection project,

its costs, and its use to the community who wants to protect it.

3-the APLH announces the project online on its site, page and blog so that anyone from that community (or interested outsider) is aware of it, and is able to pitch their contribution to finance the project via the APLH crowdfunding platform.

4-the APLH will keep updating its donors about the crowdfunding progress, and the total amount needed to complete the project

5-every donor, will receive an official receipt from APLH, by email, or fax, or traditional mail if they so request.

6-The APLH will update its site, blog and page concerning the steps being covered

in the project.

7-the APLH will include any of such projects into its annual report, as a reference to donors, members and the Lebanese state.

8-the APLH crowdmap is yet another tool we put in the hand of the responsible citizen, to alert, archive and pinpoint all heritage, all over Lebanon.

The mechanisms are in place, and the APLH is now empowering the Lebanese public (Diaspora and local) to be able to protect Lebanese heritage in their vicinity, by teaming up as responsible communities from every corner of Lebanon. This is how we aim to rebuild a beautiful Lebanon for us and our children.