A Suggestion…

in lebanon there’s an obvious will by the governmental institutions to do
nothing. or to actively pursue projects that have nothing to do with public will or social need of the lebanese people. add to that, the frenzied and neurotic way the lebanese go about their business, trying to pay for that new car, or taking that ‘technology loan’ to indulge in an iPad or absolutely wanting to get those 400$ jeans with a 1000$ salary. the result is a general public that is oblivious to what’s happening around them because they’re busy buying plastic, stupid shiny gizmos
and wasting their life at the mall or the local narguileh lounge. this leaves carte blanche to governmental institutions to cut private deals, help themselves and basically do whatever increases their fortune to the detriment of their country’s future, in typical 3rd world mentality. the current regional  unrest only encourages these people (and the public as well) to spiral further down in chaos.

between 2 brackets, Japan, currently in a lamentable state following a devastating series of quakes and a tsunami, is a remarkable (but not surprising) example of organization and civilization amidst chaos. nowhere in the torn down streets do we see armed gangs roaming the streets looting shops and taking advantage of the situation. shops in isolated areas still operate normally and are still secure because the people are civilized enough to know that they count on those shops to receive a stream of supplies for their community. they havent lost the concept of hierarchy with this deadly tsunami, their discipline is something we dont see anywhere else (save maybe in scandinavia or some parts of europe that arent tainted by foreign immigration).
let something like this happen in any other country and its so called civilized people would revert to animal behavior in no time. forgive this digression but i felt it
was worthy of note  to show the contrast between us and real civilizations with real discipline. it’s to show that we’re already behaving worse than animals (animals dont trash their environment, lie, backstab or do politics) without the need for a tsunami or a 9.0 quake.

anyway, my suggestion is this; NGO’s in lebanon, need to consolidate their efforts into one common ‘front’, manned by private individuals (those same individuals who founded those organizations) and with their PR abilities, sponsors, foreign aids, private funds, and different resources, undertake the reconstruction of Lebanon  under one ‘super organization’, with its many sub-organizations being the respective NGO’s of this new ‘coalition’ and handling their respective tasks of rebuilding the sectors they’re specialized in.

whoever reads this and finds flaws in this suggestion, is invited to point them out and to help find ways of remedying them.
i believe this is perhaps the only viable option to have a semblance of organization
since the NGO’s are mostly disciplined enough and motivated in contrast to a rotten and absent government who’s only busy getting cuts on development deals in beirut ad strategic estival areas.


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