A typical case of non-culture


A common scenario that happens frequently in Lebanon: He’s young, he’s rich, he inherited a house from his father. We write about an existing person who shall remain nameless. He is an architect so he’s had an education. and yet he’s still going to build a tower on the premices of the 150 years old Lebanese mansion he inherited.

The 2-floor house,  has typical arcades, wooden carpentry that’s still in perfect condition, courtyards, cast iron staircase, kitchen  vault or ‘khan’ at the back.

Dear sir, you don’t want it, you cant destroy it. this house belongs to the history of  Lebanon and represents its memory. these houses are rare. their value is beyond monetary. We understand that an uneducated ‘nouveau riche’ would find no value in owning such a house, but an architect!!? Lebanese -expats or locals- who can, are urged to save these treasures of history and restore them into a wonderful boutique hotel, a library, an art center etc…when there’s a will there’s a way.


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