Echoes from the West..

here’s an excerpt from the American Nihilist Underground Society which we’re reproducing here because it quite realistically depicts the situation in Lebanon (and similar third world countries with a rich past) from a cultural point of view:

“Decline of society is a symptom of our decline as people, as a culture, as an idea.

Decline originates in the collision between our wealth, and our resentment of anyone who has more.

It makes us passive, and instead of thinking toward creation, we think toward parasitism.

This is how most of the world thinks, and it’s why they live in poverty, have low IQs and are beset by disease and warfare.

Thanks to our prole revolt in the west, we are joining them. They have almost won; liberal democracy is their triumph.

They have one big task left: destroy heritage, and make us all citizens of the global shopping mall, fresh for imprinting without whatever trivial trends obsess them”


Hoping this inexorable nightmare vision doesnt come to pass.


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