APLH projects to finance

our APLH donation account is accessible to anyone who wishes to help us finance the following projects (and more to follow) from anywhere in the world:

– restauration of the Maameltein Roman bridge
– historical re-valorization of all archeological bridges in Lebanon and
their compilation into a book
-facade restauration and historical documentation of architecture
-reconstruction of the Phoenician Port
-workshop, seminars and conferences at universities
-photo exhibition: Urban transformations in Beirut- Before and After
-restauration and revalorization of traditional stairs in beirut
-a 220km relay race spanning the entire lebanese coast with runners starting at simultaenously, tripoli (north lebanon) and tyre (south lebanon), relaying an olympic flame to other runners stationed in between, to finally meet at the beirut museum in the middle.


-The Hippodrome Case

-The Phoenician Port case


Here is our APLH BLOM Bank IBAN and contact info:

E-mail: blom.tabaris@blom.com.lb

Telephone: 01 203144

Swift code : BLOMLBBX

Bank name: BLOM BANK SAL

Branch: Tabaris-Sursock tower-Beirut-Lebanon


IBAN current account: 28 0014 0000 5002 3041 3423  5715



When an NGO asks for donations, always enquire about this NGO’s permit number. the APLH permit number is 1764. organizations who dont give you their permit number are frauds who are abusing your trust and should be reported.


3 Replies to “APLH projects to finance”

  1. Can you create a National Trust Of Lebanon where people can donate or leave you in their will their property or buildings for future protection?

    1. hello Albert,
      anyone can donate or bequeath property to any registered NGO, as well as dictate in a signed paper, whatever conditions through wich, this property shall be used.
      no need for a national trust fund to do that. i hope i correctly understood your question. I can give you an example of sesobel, a lebanese NGO for the handicapped:
      they occasionally receive donations in the form of assets, real estate, etc, with a written will that the donor wishes the given asset to be used for a specific goal (workshop,
      therapy room, dormitory, pharmacy, etc).

      cheers and thanks again for your interest.

  2. Well the public need to be reminded that this is an option. Many people forget this. I know in Australia, there has been recent tv/radio advertisements to “add a charity” to your will. This could be a very beneficial campaign.

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