The APLH crowdmap is the first of its kind to cover the whole Lebanese territory.

It allows any Lebanese citizen or person who is informed/concerned in Lebanese heritage, to pinpoint heritage edifices or archaeology in their vicinity.

Users can also highlight whether this heritage is endangered, as a means to inform

the APLH about any imminent danger threatening said heritage.

The users can also set a category to the heritage they want to plot on the crowdmap,

creating a concise and detailed documentation of Lebanese heritage covering the Lebanese territory.


Anyone can make an entry but the APLH will have to moderate it in order to validate it.

This makes the map’s mechanism akin to Wikipedia, where anyone with information can

contribute to the crowdmap, and any erroneous/superfluous info will be weeded out later, in the moderation process.

Enjoy using the APLH crowdmap and being an active contributor to the documentation of Lebanese heritage.

The APLH wishes you a happy and optimistic new year.

See you in 2014 with more heritage news and true activism.



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