Of Men & Ruins: The upcoming APLH gazette

Download the first issue of the APLH cultural publication.

We hope you like it and (even better!) contribute to its articles!

the APLH team

APLH gazette-issue 1

Law background


About APLH

The association for the protection of the Lebanese heritage, is an initiative launched by young Lebanese artists/intellectuals back in march 2010 on Facebook under the name ‘stop destroying your heritage!’. The group is still in existence and was opened for activism against the destruction of old Lebanese buildings by senseless Development. Founding members: Pascale Ingea Josef Haddad Jad Mhanna Official Status: The Association for the Protection of the Lebanese Heritage was registered on the 14th of july 2010 at the ministry of interior and has been officially announced in the official journal on the 28th of October 2010 (issue 50). The association’s permit number is 1764. Members: Members of the executive committee for the year 2011: Pascale Ingea- President Georges El Khoury- Vice President Mireille Haddad- Accounting Josef Haddad- Secretary Janine Ingea- Treasurer Jad Mhanna- Legal Advisor and Board Member
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4 Responses to Of Men & Ruins: The upcoming APLH gazette

  1. APLH says:

    the law background file is a companion download with the gazette. it’s in arabic.

  2. P says:

    Why do some pages appear all black (for example, pages 2, 3), in the gazette PDF?

    • APLH says:

      that’s strange… pls try entering the FB group ‘stop destroying your heritage’. we have the pdf pinned on top of the page.
      if this other copy is still not readable pls let us know. i downloaded it and it reads normally… thanks for writing in btw… cheers 🙂

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