We are…

-A civil association for the preservation of the Lebanese heritage.We are interested in revitalizing the cultural sense and interest within the Lebanese society and its historical/cultural background.

-A non religious, non political movement and intend on remaining so.

-A non-lucrative group of benevolent individuals.

-An association with strictly cultural and nationalistic-typed activities. Our work (short and long term projects)  aims at the preservation and promotion of heritage-related, cultural and historical aspects of the Lebanese identity.

note: we have many ideas. ideas need funding. therefore we count on your donations to make the association’s projects come true. this blog is set to monitor whatever project we might have in progress so that donators from anywhere in the world can follow the project as it moves forward.

Our work can be:

-restoring an old traditional building/structure

-giving an old building a new function that’s relevant to its modern context

-urban landscaping

-various cultural events

note II: modernity is beautiful. thoughtless, neurotic modernity is not.  we’re against random ‘development’ that builds anywhere it can with no thought to the surroundings or premices it’s building upon.


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