A Foreword…

After one year of activism trying to save Lebanon’s traditional buildings and architectural memory, we as a group, NGO and individuals, are starting to see through the pattern of corruption weaved by the different components of the Lebanese society, government and individuals alike. every building we saved from demolition was an immense victory for us as a group. we thought we made it and we were really proud we managed to aid the ministry of culture freezing the demolition of said or said building. months passed and we got caught again by the frenzy of daily life, work, deadlines, and traffic jams. then we started noticing.
those very same buildings we fought to keep and protect, were being stealthily, inexorably
demolished again. some individuals even went to unbelievable lengths of vanity and vandalism we will disclose in due time (soon we promise) with photos, on the upcoming association site.

silly us! individuals influent enough, can always manage to ‘pressure’ the ministry of culture or any ministry to remove the freezing off their building so they can demolish it. but this doesnt mean we should give up. on the contrary, we are addressing our plight to every lebanese or non lebanese, local resident or living abroad, to buy off these houses through the association and restore them for public interest, since the government is unable/unwilling to buy those houses or maintain them.

yes we’re thinking BIG. that’s why the Association was founded in the first place: to promote old houses restoration through funds raised by us, the APLH, with diaspora and local money. the houses bought will be owned by all the people who contributed to buy them. a contract will be signed online between them and the association affirming that the house in question will be restored to original shape and reintegrate the urban fabric with a new function benefiting the public (boutique hotel, museum, school, art gallery, library, workshop, conference quarters…).

if we count on government bureaucracy to save our heritage and memory we can be sure that nothing will be done and if it ever is, it will be done wrong and too late.

this is a call to motivated individuals to join us save our country’s memory from rampant and barbaric development.


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